Into the Woods at Mainstreet Center

Since it’s been awhile, I want to say hello! Okay with that out of the way I’d like to introduce to you a new section, Theatre in Parker, CO. We call Parker a bubble town, because it truly is. A short stretch of farmland separates us from the towns north of us, like Aurora, and to the south of us, like Littleton. Long stretches separate us from Colorado Springs to the west and to the east, well, flatlands that lead to Kansas. So we’re uniquely set apart.

Theatre in Parker is a special experience. At the PACE Center, one can see large productions and participate in cultural classes. There is also a free rotating gallery that hosts local artists that spans from the windowed gallery in the lobby down the hallway. There is also a smaller venue called the Mainstreet Center where Into the Woods is being shown. Recently updated by the stagehands of PACE center, it holds a 200 seat capacity. The stage has now been lowered to the floor and a newly installed lighting system.

Alright, enough with the promo, here’s Into the Woods! This play was created by James Lapine with musical arrangements by Stephen Sondheim. It was penned ‘a modern musical look at the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales’. It debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre and went onto Broadway and eventually won several Tony awards. Now Parker Theater Productions have produced this wonderful play for the town of Parker.

Although theater-goers may be used to the show’s spectacle and special effects, especially after the blockbuster Disney movie, the Mainstreet Theater space is the ideal venue to allow audiences to experience the simple emotional intimacy inherent in the show, while highlighting the straightforward message of the story.

With an adult cast of professionals and local favorites, this telling has something for everyone. Join the characters we all know and love and learn the new and difficult lessons they discover as we find out that “the end” isn’t always the end.

I hope that for any Parker or surrounding area theatre-goers appreciate the show and the space that it is shown in.