Into the Woods at Mainstreet Center

Since it’s been awhile, I want to say hello! Okay with that out of the way I’d like to introduce to you a new section, Theatre in Parker, CO. We call Parker a bubble town, because it truly is. A short stretch of farmland separates us from the towns north of us, like Aurora, and to the south of us, like Littleton. Long stretches separate us from Colorado Springs to the west and to the east, well, flatlands that lead to Kansas. So we’re uniquely set apart.

Theatre in Parker is a special experience. At the PACE Center, one can see large productions and participate in cultural classes. There is also a free rotating gallery that hosts local artists that spans from the windowed gallery in the lobby down the hallway. There is also a smaller venue called the Mainstreet Center where Into the Woods is being shown. Recently updated by the stagehands of PACE center, it holds a 200 seat capacity. The stage has now been lowered to the floor and a newly installed lighting system.

Alright, enough with the promo, here’s Into the Woods! This play was created by James Lapine with musical arrangements by Stephen Sondheim. It was penned ‘a modern musical look at the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales’. It debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre and went onto Broadway and eventually won several Tony awards. Now Parker Theater Productions have produced this wonderful play for the town of Parker.

Although theater-goers may be used to the show’s spectacle and special effects, especially after the blockbuster Disney movie, the Mainstreet Theater space is the ideal venue to allow audiences to experience the simple emotional intimacy inherent in the show, while highlighting the straightforward message of the story.

With an adult cast of professionals and local favorites, this telling has something for everyone. Join the characters we all know and love and learn the new and difficult lessons they discover as we find out that “the end” isn’t always the end.

I hope that for any Parker or surrounding area theatre-goers appreciate the show and the space that it is shown in.


Writing Prompt, Just an Idea

This is my response to WitFit Prompts for November 18, 2014.

To be released from Tekni Prison is just the beginning of the journey for the inmate. Walking out its giant gate with nothing but what you came in with can be the end of the journey. Only twelve months ago, Tek was sentenced in the warmth of summer, but now he’s in the tundra with knee-length snow. He only took a few steps until he saw an orange light in the distance. His pace quickened as he saw the orange light transform into a small hut. Nearly jumping up the stairs and through the door, he was swathed in warmth. He stood there in the warmth until a scratchy, coarse voice said, “Close the door you nindit!” The blast of cold air sped up his obedience of the order. He looked to where the voice came from to find an old man and a young boy sitting in front of a roaring fire. When they saw Tek’s hands stick to his arms, subconsciously rubbing the cold from his skin. The old man waived him over and said, “Come, sit by the fire and warm yourself up.”

Broccoli-Parmesan (Meatless) Meatballs

Taken from Better Homes and Gardens Exclusive Gluten-Free Recipes Magazine; Broccoli-Parmesan Meatballs, PG. 39.

I was a little bit sceptical of this fantastic recipe, however when I popped them out and began eating, I found, between the three of us, they disappeared from the plate. It went so fast that I have to use the website’s pictures and wait till I make them again, which will probably be tomorrow…

Without further ado, Meatless Broccoli-Parmesan Meatballs!

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A Poem: Arizona

A poem I made on the plane ride to Arizona, my homestate.

Arizona, a place where the trails are winding

And the roads are straight.

A place where the mountains are pointed

And anything else is a hill.

Where sunlight kisses and

Rain brings a chorus of grateful nature.

Where clouds dance and the sky’s

Blue hue matches that of a well known stone.

Arizona has its own shade of green

and it means Life here in this desert.

Egg-less Raw Cookie Dough

This is my take on a recipe from Center Cut Cook. The link takes you to the post.

Hello interweb! So I just got back from vacation with a new sewing machine (pictures to follow)! Yesterday I worked a Clint Black show at the PACE Center here in Parker which was fantastic. But now it’s about 12 in the morning and I’m going with my mama to the craft store tomorrow to get patterns and fabric; so excited!

So while I’m waiting for my last batch of tea to finish simmering, I’ve found an egg-less cookie dough recipe. Now while Mrs. Ashley Wagner has a recipe of her own, it’s vanilla heavy. So I’m making an effort to savlage my first try but it might not work. So follow along in this mini-series while I fix up the egg-less cookie dough and make some more delicious faux AriZona iced tea!

P.S. For the AriZona recipe, click here. Oh and pictures pending…

The Truth of a Gap Year

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a gap year; a year in between high school and college or between the four years of college or even after college where students and graduates take a break from school to find other opportunities outside of school to gain special life experience.

Gap Year Between High School and College

Now in truth, this should be planned ahead of time, probably around junior year of high school. Get your plans on paper then when you start college searching in senior year, you can go to these colleges and ask about deferment. Deferment is an opportunity to have your freshman year deferred to next year while you take a gap year. You’ll still be enrolled, you’ll just start next year. The idea of a Gap Year is becoming a great investment in the eyes of colleges. Each year, they enroll students who take their first year of freedom and squander their education. A gap year helps guide young adults to become socially mature so when they go to college the next year, they’ll be able to focus on their studies.

Gap Year Between the Four Years of College

For many of us though, we didn’t hear about a Gap Year until it was too late. If you think that way, you’re actually wrong. Taking a Gap Year between the four years of college might actually help you in the long run. Employers hire college graduates with experience. Why hire a college grad with only booksmarts when you can hire someone who took advantage of the opportunities out there and gained important experience.

So where ever you are in life, consider a gap year for yourself, a friend or a family member. Have a fun weekend!

P.S I must say though, I am not an expert in Gap Year subject matter. The facts I have put down here are just things I have heard and read. I highly recommend you talk to your college/high school advisor about deferment and Gap Years.

Society Makes Me Sad

Everyday, I wake up and get dressed, as does everyone in the world. I don’t have a floor length mirror to look at myself in but I still look at myself and think, “I could afford to lose a few pounds”. Now, just for your information, I’m not fat or overweight and I’m not extremely skinny, I’m exactly at the body weight I should be. But I have a small pouch now and I don’t like it. I had a flat stomach once and I used to be really judgemental of the girls in my classes who had these pouches. Now I’m ashamed of what I thought.

I’m saying all this because there are beautiful people out there and there are ugly people out there. But body weight shouldn’t factor into those labels. Character should; instead, however, bad behavior, at least in celebrities, is noticed and, through media coverage, is sometimes unintentionally encouraged.

But I’m not going to ramble on about this. All I wished to say that someone who looks ugly can become the most beautiful person to you if you just give them the time to express themselves.

P.S. This post was inspired by LoudThoughtsVoicedOut’s post on society.

Geena’s Town

This has been relocated from my figment. They’ve all disappeared. How? Why? I don’t know. It all started with my grandparents. The elderly of our town just up and disappeared one day, along with all there was to remember them by. And slowly, the adults of the town disappeared, too. Eventually, everyone over 13 just vanished. I was 8 […]

More Than Happy #nocomplainweek

Hey everyone! My church has started a twitter/instagram campaign for the rest of the week called No Complain Campaign.

This week, challenge yourself to not complain or argue. The definition of complaining is any way you think of it. Any time you find yourself complaining about anything, stop yourself and pray about it. If you’re not much of a prayer person, stop and move onto a different topic or just stop talking. This also applies to arguments. This whole week, either stop and pray or just move on.

Now, there’s a second part to this challenge. You see, at church this weekend they were handing out small , pin-on buttons for us to wear. They challenged us to take a selfie with our buttons and post it to twitter/instagram. Here’s my part of the challenge:

Since you don’t have a button, find a creative way to showcase No Complain Week. It can either be your own button, a poster, or anything you set your mind to, but let’s make this week a week with no complaining and no arguments.


Also, for anyone who is interested in a church or just wants something different, come check out Southeast Christian Church’s Online Campus, open on Saturdays @ 4pm and Sundays @ 9am and 11am. Enjoy!

P.S. Should you participate let me know on twitter at: @anmlhp. Have a great week!