Books: In Review Finding Your Million Dollar Mate

Alright, so in case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, this is a place for me to write. I can’t take commitments to digital things. I love to be spontaneous in life and on the internet, which sometimes screws me. So, even though my posts are few and far between, thank you for reading this post. So, off we go!

My boyfriend and I finally were in the same city for a weekend.WP_20150704_005 While we were there, we met an older couple who gave us a book on relationships. It was Finding Your Million Dollar Mate by Randy Pope. It’s a two hour read that goes over what a healthy relationship looks like and how a marriage with a solid foundation can survive. Drawing from experiences of his own 39 years of marriage and counseling couples straight out of seminary, he gives a unique perspective on healthy relationships and lasting marriages. This book has given me a hopeful our look on my own relationship and this book could either help you foster a healthy relationship with your special someone or finally help you break off an unhealthy one.

Now I want to highlight another author I can’t wait to read! Rising Lutheran pastor here in Denver, Nadia Bolz-Weber is unconventional in a very conservative Christian world.

I’ve been listening to her podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts by searching “HFASS” or listening on the Church’s website, and I have bookmarked all her books.

Of course I’ll list them and link them:

Okay guys. That’s all for me! Have a great day!


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