Writing Prompt, Just an Idea

This is my response to WitFit Prompts for November 18, 2014.

To be released from Tekni Prison is just the beginning of the journey for the inmate. Walking out its giant gate with nothing but what you came in with can be the end of the journey. Only twelve months ago, Tek was sentenced in the warmth of summer, but now he’s in the tundra with knee-length snow. He only took a few steps until he saw an orange light in the distance. His pace quickened as he saw the orange light transform into a small hut. Nearly jumping up the stairs and through the door, he was swathed in warmth. He stood there in the warmth until a scratchy, coarse voice said, “Close the door you nindit!” The blast of cold air sped up his obedience of the order. He looked to where the voice came from to find an old man and a young boy sitting in front of a roaring fire. When they saw Tek’s hands stick to his arms, subconsciously rubbing the cold from his skin. The old man waived him over and said, “Come, sit by the fire and warm yourself up.”


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt, Just an Idea

    • Ya, I don’t know where I was going with this. I guess I was thinking the prison was the equivalent of a school yard. I apologize for the confusion.

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