Egg-less Raw Cookie Dough

This is my take on a recipe from Center Cut Cook. The link takes you to the post.

Hello interweb! So I just got back from vacation with a new sewing machine (pictures to follow)! Yesterday I worked a Clint Black show at the PACE Center here in Parker which was fantastic. But now it’s about 12 in the morning and I’m going with my mama to the craft store tomorrow to get patterns and fabric; so excited!

So while I’m waiting for my last batch of tea to finish simmering, I’ve found an egg-less cookie dough recipe. Now while Mrs. Ashley Wagner has a recipe of her own, it’s vanilla heavy. So I’m making an effort to savlage my first try but it might not work. So follow along in this mini-series while I fix up the egg-less cookie dough and make some more delicious faux AriZona iced tea!

P.S. For the AriZona recipe, click here. Oh and pictures pending…


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