More Than Happy #nocomplainweek

Hey everyone! My church has started a twitter/instagram campaign for the rest of the week called No Complain Campaign.

This week, challenge yourself to not complain or argue. The definition of complaining is any way you think of it. Any time you find yourself complaining about anything, stop yourself and pray about it. If you’re not much of a prayer person, stop and move onto a different topic or just stop talking. This also applies to arguments. This whole week, either stop and pray or just move on.

Now, there’s a second part to this challenge. You see, at church this weekend they were handing out small , pin-on buttons for us to wear. They challenged us to take a selfie with our buttons and post it to twitter/instagram. Here’s my part of the challenge:

Since you don’t have a button, find a creative way to showcase No Complain Week. It can either be your own button, a poster, or anything you set your mind to, but let’s make this week a week with no complaining and no arguments.


Also, for anyone who is interested in a church or just wants something different, come check out Southeast Christian Church’s Online Campus, open on Saturdays @ 4pm and Sundays @ 9am and 11am. Enjoy!

P.S. Should you participate let me know on twitter at: @anmlhp. Have a great week!


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