Geena’s Town

This has been relocated from my figment.

They’ve all disappeared. How? Why? I don’t know.

It all started with my grandparents. The elderly of our town just up and disappeared one day, along with all there was to remember them by. And slowly, the adults of the town disappeared, too. Eventually, everyone over 13 just vanished.

I was 8 when the last of my family deserted me. She was my sister and my best friend. We decided to go for a picnic on Sunday. She left before me and I raced after her. The last time I saw her she was standing calmly by our tree, a big oak just outside our town; we went there every Sunday, rain or shine. She was looking at the sky, looked to me with sad eyes, then vanished.

I was alone, all alone in our small town and in this big world.

Now I’m 12 and leader of Ennasfield, town of orphans. My birthday is in two months and I can already feel the distrust and confusion in our group. Everyone who’s turned 13 vanishes the night of their birthday. Then our group will be left with no leader. Soon there will be no more of us.

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