Joann’s Golden Nuggets

Today mom and I went on a day trip to Joann’s. While I was looking around I happened upon the sewing machines where I met a kind employee who was ecstatic about these machines.


Personally, I was happy to hear what she had to say. I’m hoping to get into sewing. I love the idea of sewing my own clothes. So when she was telling me about these machines, I paid attention. The single most important thing she told me was about the Emily Griffith Technical College. They have multiple exciting classes including many sewing courses.

Another very important thing she told me was looking into Husqvarna sewing machines.

husqvarna sewing machine

The machine pictured here is the one she recommended to me. Now I don’t remember the exact model or price, however I do remember it being less for MSRP. Anyways, I hope you’ll check the links posted here and tell me what ya think.

P.S. TMNT is amazing!


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