Traveling to the Mountains: Frisco, CO

Hello everyone! Yes I know it’s been awhile however I have exciting news. Today I traveled to Frisco CO, a small town by the lake below Breckenridge CO, beautiful and picturesque.

The day started out as a breezy drive through the mountains, then traffic, lots of traffic. However once we got through, we stopped for lunch at a small, Boston-Italian like restaurant called Spinelli’s. We ordered a turkey-pesto sandwich and some slices of ready made pizza and digged in. It was delicious.

2014-08-08 1395

After, we parked at the Frisco Harbor Marina and got out our bikes out. We biked around the lake as the wind picked up.

2014-08-08 1398

After our lovely ride, we sat at the harbor restaurant, The Island Grill.

2014-08-08 1406

Beautiful place! Here are some more pictures I took there:

2014-08-08 14082014-08-08 1409

P.S. Here’s another fun picture.

2014-08-08 1413


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