Writing Daily: Short Story or Poem

This was originally a post from Figment Daily Themes email on February 6, 2013.

Now before I start, I’m giving a shout out to all my fellow Figgies out there. I haven’t been active for a while but I still love Figment. Wattpad and FanFiction are great but Figment has the best interactive interface.

Now, here’s the prompt:

Finally, after years and years of arduous searching, we found it. Damn. Use the following line as the opening line of a short-story or poem. 

Finally, after years and years of arduous searching, we found it. Damn. This mission began as an exploratory quest. Three soldiers and two scientists traveling space, trying to find new planets. It wasn’t even for finding a new home for the trillions of people back home. We were given a chance and the five of us took it. Five out of a trillion people, wow. The exceptional thing is that each of us were desperate to get off Earth. And the only way out was on a Fleet Ship. Five people were chosen to live on a ship, blasted into space and told to live out there until we’ve found a planet that was habitable, then we were to report back with our beacon. It was the only communication device we had and it had only one use, to blaze like a fire when a habitable planet was found, sending its signal back to Earth. We’ve been here for years, on our small ship, living in peace and quiet. We decided that if we found a habitable planet, we’d send the beacon out after we’ve explored the surface. What we didn’t expect though is finding a planet that had already been discovered.

Alright that’s all from me. Did you like it? I hope you did. Post in the comment section your take on the prompt.

P.S. This picture is credited to Catherine Nelson.


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