Music Thursday with a Challenge

So here’s a thought, I volunteer with my church’s youth group and every week we have new music. I absolutly love the mental challenge of thinking up something new for them. So here’s the music for this week:

Happy Days by Jesus Culture

I Am by Crowder

Forever Reign by Hillsong United

God I Look To You by Bethel Music

Here’s My Heart by Passion

Open Up Our Eyes by Elevation Worship

Hope you like the music!

Oh and by the way, here’s a challenge: find me a song, secular or non-secular, with no swear words and no sexual references. If it’s good I’ll put it on my ipod and on next Thursdays post. See ya!

P.S. My main reason I don’t like music with swearing or sexual references is that when I put my earphones in, I’m in sanctuary. It’s my escape from the world I live in. Please respect that when posting your songs.


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