Time and Time Again

Man, I always feel whenever I start a blog that it’ll fall flat on its face again. I hope this isn’t the case with A Touch of Rain. I’ve heard the first year is a tough one but I’ll keep pushin’ through.

Time and Time Again

So here’s the deal, I love surfing the web and when I’m not, I’m either working, sleeping, playing a majority of games, or watching television, which I have to use my laptop for. When I began this blog, I thought “what would be different?” I love rain, the sounds, the smells, and I love that God’s the one that thought of it. But more on that later, this is my first post and I want to make a good impression before I rant.

I’m also a part time writer because I have a part time job. If I didn’t have a part time job, I’d probably still be a part time writer. My family and friends say I have a talent, and believe me, I think I have a talent too, but deadlines remind me too much of school and having just graduated, I don’t like walking down that memory lane. Speaking of my job, it is my dream. Without revealing too much, I work on a stage. But I don’t travel and I don’t put my heart and soul out there for the audience to cherish or crush. I have every respect for actors and what they do and I’m very certain that I couldn’t do the most important part of my job without them. However, without the work that I do, there would never be a show.

Well then, for now I’m done with the all about me. Tell me about yourself if ya wanna.

P.S. By the way, if you notice that my voice changes while I write, it’s probably late and I’m watching a movie.


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