The Way I Love You

Ahh, a new day. I love mornings, I like to sleep them away as they pass by. I know, that was a tort to pirates of the caribbean. I just woke up and it’s still morning. Why, you ask, am I up at this time? I must go to work and finish painting a set, hopefully. So if you haven’t guessed from my last post, I’m a theatre technician. I build sets, paint sets, move sets during shows, but my favorite thing in the whole world to do as a theatre tech is to walk onto stage with the audience in front of me and ignore them as I move a set piece or change a mic. Best job ever!

So anyways, about this post, like I told you I’m a writer. I love to write as long as I don’t have a deadline. Then I get flustered and I mess up. So for my first piece of liturature, here’s a poem on my dad and the little things that make me love him so much:

The way you hold my hand and walk with me
The way you race me in the rain and laugh with me
The way you drive and always take care of me
That’s why I love you.
The way I know when there’s a new scar on your hands
The way I hug you in the morning just when you wake up
The way my kisses on your cheeks and forehead annoy you
This is how much I love you.

Yay, it’s out there! Yikes, okay so this is a poem that is very dear to me, I hope you like it.

P.S. I’ll sometimes put a lot of movie references into my posts. My apologies if it gets annoying.


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